Reading and Eating

Hello my fellow internetees! So, this morning, as I was eating my breakfast (strawberry yogurt and coffee – breakfast for champions), I had a revelation regarding reading and, you guessed it, eating. You see, there are certain foods that are perfect for eating when you are reading, and certain foods that aren’t. These are my “top” 6!

First off, I am going to point out the obvious sustenance of choice for a bibliophile – coffee. Not only is this the one thing that can make you get up in the morning, but it’s also the perfect blend of sweet and bitter, that (for some reason) goes perfectly to whatever book you’re reading.

Observe, tea as a similar effect, but alas, I dislike tea, and therefore never drink it. I’ve been assured by an adamant tea-drinker that this is the case, so even though I don’t drink tea, I know it works.

Hot chocolate is also a nice supplement to your book, but it works best in cold places – I’m from Sweden, so I have a great deal of experience regarding cold places. But if you have a Jane Austen novel and a cup of hot chocolate, everything inside you becomes gooey warm – even when it’s -20 degrees Celsius outside.131392-Student-girl-reading-and-eating-apple

Apples. It’s super easy to get and eat, you can have it in one hand, holding a book in the other. It’s healthy (unless you eat like ten of them – fruit sugar), and delectable. It’s really the ideal food for your fiction.

Pizza… now, the thing about pizza is that it’s super unhealthy and fatty, not to mention the fact that if you eat pizza whilst holding a book, you will undoubtedly get fat on your fingers, which will unquestionably end up on the books – and fatty finger marks on book pages hurt my soul. However, I do understand the deliciousness of the unhealthy fattiness, and so, as long as you have an infinite supply paper towels, it’s pretty good food for when you’re reading.

*On a side note, I would like to point out that pizza is perhaps, more on the “movie side”, rather than the “book side” – but it works for both.

Popcorn may work with your book, but again, the fatness dilemma arises. Popcorn is more of a food for a writer, rather than a reader, but again, if you have paper towels, it may work for you.

*On another side note, this food is perfect for a NaNoWriMo contestant.

In general, avoid food such as pasta, soup, or anything really “slippery”, that could accidently fall onto the pages of your book. Food stains on books, also, hurt my soul.

So, there you have it – the top foods to compliment your reading.

Have a good one!


Can anybody think of any other foods to go with reading? Was there something I missed? Do you disagree with me? Agree? Let me know in the comments section!

P.s. yes, I’m super hungry right now, and all I can really think about is how I skipped lunch… I’m going to go snack now.


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