A Creepy Shrine – the John Green Edition

Hello my fellow internetees! So, today I wish to talk about creepy shrines.

You know those 20 OneDirection posters who have in your closet? Or those limited edition Twilight books that no one other than you know about? Yep, that’s your creepy shrine. Everyone has them, so there’s no point in denying it’s existence.

My creepy shrine is about John Green.

Ok, first off, I am not a huge stalker. I don’t know John Green’s exact whereabouts, nor do I know everything about him, nor to I drool over vlogbrother videos at 3 am in the morning. However, I do think that John Green is one of the best writers out there, and I greatly admire his work. His work, not him himself.

I have two posters, and they look like this:








And I also have all of his books (Looking for Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, Will Grayson Will Grayson, An Abundance of Katharines, and Let it Snow).

So, now you’re probably thinking that I am a complete and utter weirdo, but he is a really good writer, and I think that you should check him out.

Also all of his books have really nice themes of acceptance, as well as most of his vlogbrother’s videos, which is always fun to learn more about.

Creepy shrines may be creepy, but hopefully, they have some kind of purpose. Mine is the accepting kind of purpose

Good-bye and good luck with all your present and future endeavors!


Anybody else have a creepy shrine? Anybody else have a John Green shrine? Let me know in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “A Creepy Shrine – the John Green Edition

  1. I have to admit I sort of have a Stephen King one . . . I’ve got all his books displayed across the top of a long dresser along with some styrofoam skulls and plastic rats and a weird gargoyle candlehodler my girlfriend got me.

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