An Explanation of Nerdfighteria

Hello fellow internetees! Today’s topic is going to be about… wait for… wait for it… NERDS!

Now, I am a renowned nerd – and I actually like that I’m a nerd. I like that I cry whenever I read The Fault in Our Stars, I like that I can practically recite Star Wars, I like that I get excited whenever a new Game of Thrones episode comes out. All these things are parts of me, that make me, well, me. These are, in my opinion, the better parts.

(I’m also aware that I’m emotionally unavailable – the parting words of my last boyfriend – I’m can be kind of mean, I’m sort of selfish, and I know that I’ve very spoiled, but those are parts about myself that I don’t like…)

So, not completely inexplicably, I became a nerdfighter!

And now you’re probably wondering, “Well, what is a nerdfighter?”

In short, a nerdfighter is someone who instead of being made out of bones and organs and all that stuff, is made entirely out of awesome.


Nerdfighteria is really just a big community of nerds who love other nerds and who love being nerds.

Anybody can be a nerdfighter – and if you think you are one, chances are that you are a nerdfighter. It’s really not that difficult – just be awesome and you are one.

The writer inside of me is committing suicide from superfluously using “awesome,” but in situations like this, there really is not other option.

If you still have questions, check out the link below (these guys – Hank Green and John Green – are basically the founders of Nerdfighteria) because they explain it better than I just did, or simply ask me in the comments section!

Dftba guys!


If there are any other nerdfighters out there in the wordpress blogosphere, let me know in the comments section! We nerds got to stick together!


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