Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

Little Lion Man is an incredible song that I just had to show you guys! Seriously, it’s great!

Check it out below!


Music Monday – Strange Charm by Hank Green

Hello internetees! So, very briefly: this is one of the nerdiest songs ever to come into existence, so naturally, I love it! It’s by Hank Green, who is one of the founders of nerdfighteria, and it’s really just an awesome song!

Check it out down below:

Not only is it awesome, it’s also very informative!

Music Monday – Go Your Own Way by Lissie


So, I’ve been working on my new novel, and for some reason this song is really inspiring to write to, so I’m going to make this week’s Music Monday! The first Music Monday, ever, I might add…

Check it out:

Speaking of noveling, is anyone else doing Camp NaNoWriMo? Anyone else adore this song?

Let me know in the comments section below.