Life in Tatters

816XTllZbJL._SL1500_Rose Hall is a werewolf who has recently moved down from her hometown in Alaska to Washington D.C. and is working at a modern/old-fashioned (don’t ask how that’s possible, it just is!) bookstore. Then, when her boss is unexpectedly murdered, Rose is dragged even deeper into the enigmatic place of vampires, death, and annoyingly, ruggedly handsome, Alpha werewolves.

Life in Tatters (LIT) is a novel written by, you guessed it, me! Emilia Rosén! It’s a very cute werewolf story, one that I recommend immensely (and I, of course, am not biased at all).

However, I do have a great fear that no one will ever read it, and I’m forever condemned to be a complete and utter failure, writing wise.

If you want to read it, which I think you should, then click here and it will take you directly to Amazon, available for your purchase!

If you read it, I hope you enjoy it!


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